Omaha In The Know – Life After LASIK

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on March 10, 2020

It’s been a year since blogger Erin Fairchild, from Her Heartland Soul, underwent her LASIK procedure at Kugler Vision and she’s embracing her new view to its fullest potential. As a travel bug, she instantly noticed how effortless packing was after ditching glasses and contacts. She no longer lugs around contact solution and other necessities for clear vision. It’s all natural and she’s loving the simplicity of life now. Her journey through LASIK was like many others – full of questions and research, and her life post-LASIK has been a breeze. She shares five important tips for LASIK, like choosing a surgeon and the necessary post-op tasks that ensure smooth sailing and crisp vision. 

Click below to follow along on Erin’s LASIK journey with personal questions and thoughts about LASIK as she underwent her vision transformation at Kugler Vision. To learn more, click below to check her Life After LASIK blog out! Then, give us a call at 402-558-2211 to schedule a consultation and experience the KV difference for yourself.

Erin Fairchild
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