“Eye-opening!” is one of the common ways patients describe our EyeAnalysis eye exams.

Education is one of our Pillars of Patient Care, from youth eye exams to LASIK to advanced cataract surgery. So our teams go to great lengths in order to educate you on your eyes and vision correction options during an eye exam. 

The exam process includes a number of tests and scans you’ve likely never experienced before. (Don’t worry, they’re all comfortable, and there’s not even an “air puff” test!).  

It’s one of the reasons we call it an “EyeAnalysis” eye exam – because we’re truly analyzing your eyes from front to back using the latest proven technology. 

Our EyeAnalysis Eye Exams are performed by the Kugler Vision-Trained expert team at our state-of-the-art affiliated practice, Modern Vision Solutions. MVS specializes in EyeAnalysis Eye exams, offers lunch-time and evening appointments, and next day scheduling is available. 

“Can you do eye exams for kids too?”

Of course! If you have children who have not had an eye exam in the last 12 months, Modern Vision Solutions also offers Youth Eye Exams. During this specialized exam, we perform a Myopia Progression Screening at no additional charge. 

This allows us to evaluate your child’s vision development, and if they indeed are experiencing vision issues, we have a number of ways to slow the progression of their bad vision. 

“Do I need an eye exam prior to booking a LASIK consultation?”

At Kugler Vision, we do not require an eye exam prior to booking your LASIK consultation. This is because during the consultation process at Kugler Vision, we perform all the normal eye exam testing (and then some) to measure your entire eye, front to back.

But if you would like to schedule an eye exam, or if you have a child in need of an eye exam, we’re happy to take care of you!

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