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Clear vision without glasses and contacts starts with LASIK.

Glasses and contacts are restrictions – break free from these barriers by transforming your life with LASIK at Kugler Vision. Your vision is our number one priority we understand how important and exciting it is to make the switch from glasses and contacts to LASIK. We are here for you at every step of the way.

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The Kugler Vision Difference

Why So Many From Around the World Have Chosen Kugler Vision

Our mission is to help you get the most out of life by achieving your best vision possible. There’s no need to live a life restricted by dull, blurry vision. You deserve to feel empowered and confident so you can enjoy the things you love with crisp, clear vision.

  • Kugler Vision is recognized internationally as a center of excellence. Dr. Kugler is a co-founder of the Refractive Surgery Alliance – a world-class group of over 300 expert laser vision correction surgeons across the globe. He also served as its first president.
  • Kugler Vision is the only place in the region that performs all seven advanced forms of modern vision correction. Because we specialize in all vision correction methods, you can be confident that your recommendation is tailored to your eyes and your specific needs, for clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts.
  • Patients have traveled from 47 states to seek laser vision correction from our expert surgical team.
  • Kugler Vision is the doctor’s choice. Doctors travel from around the world to Omaha so they can collaborate with and learn from our surgeons.

Here for You: Come Meet With Your Doctors

Kugler Vision’s LASIK experts have devoted their lives to improving vision. They’re here to help you achieve your goals for a happier, more energetic life. Come see our doctors today and learn about your vision correction options for a life without restrictions. 

Dr. Lance Kugler, MD

“When we remove the barriers of glasses and contacts for a patient, they see the world in a new way, with crisp, clear vision. It’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Lance Kugler, MD

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“Observing firsthand the impact on the lives of patients and their joy over the improvement in their sight led me to the field of laser vision correction.”

Mike Stuntz, MD

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Your LASIK Questions Answered

Very safe! We understand the fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to a procedure of any kind. Being educated about LASIK can help put your nerves at ease. Here are some fast facts about LASIK:

  • LASIK is one of the safest elective surgeries in the world, with less than a 1% complication rate.
  • LASIK was officially FDA approved in 1995 for those 18 and older.
  • There is a significantly higher chance of having visually significant complications from contact lenses than from LASIK.

Many patients are pleasantly surprised to not experience any pain or discomfort during LASIK. Prior to your procedure, you may be given a mild sedative to relax, and numbing drops are used before you enter the vision correction suite. During your LASIK, a slight pressure may be felt for a few seconds at a time. Your Kugler Vision doctor will talk you through every step of the way so you can feel confident and prepared. After your LASIK, your eyes might feel irritated – most patients are comfortable after taking a nap. You are prescribed drops for your eyes that provide relief and healing in the days following your surgery. 

Your eyes aren’t “too bad” for vision correction. If you aren’t a candidate for LASIK, you are most likely eligible for one of our six other vision correction procedures. If you are unsure whether you are a candidate, we recommend taking our quick self-test.

We understand the importance of budgeting and planning accordingly for everything in life, which is why we offer flexible financing for each procedure we offer. If you are interested in inquiring about the price of LASIK and our other procedures, simply click on the chatbot down in the right corner of this page and we will send you a pricing sheet. 

LASIK takes about 10 to 15 minutes and most patients are back to their normal routine the next day. There is no need to take a leave of absence from work or put your life on hold for more than the day of the actual procedure. You should have a ride arranged for the day of your procedure because driving is not recommended, as you will feel a bit fuzzy and possibly  disoriented right after LASIK.

Additional questions? Download our LASIK research guide.

Omaha’s Choice For LASIK

Dr. Kugler is native to Omaha and passionate about improving lives in his hometown. We are grateful to have been voted Best of Omaha #1 LASIK Provider by our happy patients for 2018, 2019, and 2020, and our team is honored to be a part of so many life-changing vision correction stories. Each patient receives a personalized VisionTrack treatment plan, for a vision correction procedure that is expertly matched to their specific needs. 

Inspired? Pick a time and day that works best for you, and we’ll see you for the first step toward your LASIK transformation.

The Dollars and Sense of LASIK

You can afford LASIK! Our mission in refractive surgery is to make it possible for every individual to maximize their visual potential through laser vision correction. We believe in life without barriers and changing the stigma that LASIK is an expensive luxury. Did you know that LASIK actually saves you money over time?

Check out our pricing calculator to see how much money LASIK will save you.

“Best. Decision. EVER!” Don’t just take our word for it.

We are lucky to have amazing patients who have been eager to share their Kugler Vision experiences through blogging. Real and honest experiences from start to finish –  in-depth thoughts and feelings, and the final outcome. Explore the list below to follow along on a Kugler Vision LASIK story.

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The Kitty and Kevin blog provides an inimate look into the lives of a busy and vibrant millennial family. Kitty and Kevin are a dynamic couple who have recently paid off about $100,000 in student loan debt! Along the way, they’ve picked up amazing tips on being financially responsible, traveling on a budget, homemade crafts, and other life hacks. In their blog they share this knowledge– including why LASIK may be the smartest financial choice you could make.

Cam of Light Passing has a fantastic blog for anyone who’s interested in a little bit about a lot of things. A truly eclectic mix of fantastic writing, you can expect insights into conflict resolution, date night ideas, food reviews, marriage advice, parenting hacks and in depth research on all sorts of Omaha businesses. Follow her journey and find out why after visiting four LASIK providers, she chose Kugler Vision for her LASIK vision correction.

With the Specs is a sustainable lifestyle blog focused on delivering all the best tips on affordable fashion, sales, and how each person can take lasting steps toward reducing their own carbon footprint. Hear Kelly’s story and find out just why she says that everything she *thought* she knew about LASIK was wrong.

Tim and Lisa of the Walking Tourists blog have a passion for traveling – locally, throughout the midwest, nationally, and across the globe! Originally, they started their blog to share their experiences with their friends and family. It’s hard to keep a great thing a secret– so their following has grown! Now, people all over the country follow the Walking Tourists for keen insights into best events in the Midwest, tips on traveling, and reflections on their adventures. Recently, we had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa at an event at our offices. Read her post at the button below to find out what she’s learned about LASIK.

For more patient stories, check out our archive of animated stories, patient testimonial videos, and reviews.

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