Vision Correction At Every Stage of Life

Vision correction is a transformational service we offer through an unparalleled patient experience and with world-class continuing vision care. Kugler Vision is about more than simply correcting vision – we care about how our patients live and interact with the world around them. When you partner with us for your eye health, vision care, and vision correction needs, your priorities become our priorities. We care about your hobbies, dreams, and job requirements. It is our passion to help you achieve these goals, so you can live a lifestyle free from visual barriers.

Discover Your Options

At every stage of life, we offer laser vision correction solutions to allow our patients to live a life without barriers, a life of freedom, and a life without the daily hassles of glasses or contact lenses. Vision correction allows you to strip away the prosthetic vision aids you’ve relied on, removing that layer between you and how you view and experience the world!

We feel deeply that the transformational experience of vision correction allows you to be more yourself than ever– your best and happiest self, with the clear and precise vision you were always meant to have. Our full range of solutions allow us to achieve the visual needs required for each individual patient. Our doctors take the time to personally explain test results and discuss solutions, so our patients feel confident in the recommendations we make and the results we achieve.

As one of the U.S.’s  premier providers of laser vision correction like LASIK surgery and ASA, presbyopia solutions like KAMRA inlay and Refractive Lens Exchange to help patients get out of reading glasses and bifocals, and cataract surgery, we take our responsibility to our patients seriously. We are committed to serving our patients and are proud to be their partners on their journey to a life free from visual barriers.