Laser Cataract Surgery Omaha, Nebraska

Advancements in eye surgery in recent years have been revolutionary, more than in any other field of medicine, with the biggest changes stemming from the introduction of lasers. Consider that 20 years ago, LASIK was still in clinical trials, and now, today’s LASIK technology can routinely deliver better than 20/20 vision correction.

The laser movement has finally made it to the most performed eye surgery: cataracts.  Thanks to this ever-advancing laser technology, there is now an option that can dramatically improve the lives of patients with cataracts: laser cataract surgery.

Kugler Vision is proud to be the first practice in Omaha to offer patients multiple lasers for laser cataract surgery.

Laser Cataract Technology

Utilizing both the CATALYSTM Precision Laser System and the Alcon LenSx laser, we are capable of offering our patients the widest range of customized treatment options available for cataract surgery.  This technology, in combination with our advanced lens options, allows us to tailor a custom solution that matches your unique vision and visual needs.

How Laser Cataract Surgery Is Different

With traditional cataract surgery, the initial steps of cataract surgery are performed manually.  This includes the initial incisions, the capsulotomy, and phacoemulsification (the breaking up of the cloudy cataract in preparation for removal). With laser-assisted cataract surgery, these steps have become automated and performed with a computer-guided precision laser.  The result is faster treatment, more predictability, and more precision – all of which lead to improved outcomes for patients.

Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

By taking traditional cataract surgery and replacing some of the manual processes used to perform the procedure with a computer-guided femtosecond laser, we can produce outstanding results with improved safety and precision. Both the CATALYSTM and LenSx lasers create more precise incisions than the traditional handheld surgical procedure, incisions that heal faster once sealed and reduce the chances of infection or complications. With these lasers, much of the potential for human error is taken out of the equation. This helps make the procedure more reliable, with more consistent, accurate results.

Choosing Your Lens Implant

During laser refractive cataract surgery, the cataract is removed and a new lens is put in the eye. Kugler Vision in Omaha is an experienced center when it comes to advanced lenses for cataract patients. These lenses are designed to give you reduced dependence – even complete freedom – from glasses of any kind. If you wish to restore your vision after cataract surgery, we will help educate you about your options regarding advanced lenses and what would work best for your eyes.