What Will You Do With Your Tax Return This Year?

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on March 1, 2018

April 17 is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, we bet you’re working on it. There’s a good chance you’ll have a refund coming your way soon. According to a recent article in Business Insider, the average Nebraskan’s tax refund is $2,543, and 364,398 refunds were issued last tax season.

If you’re one of the lucky recipients of a refund, your next question is: “What am I going to do with it?” Some people will blow their refund on a new TV, or go on a vacation. That might sound nice… at first. But will the benefits last? What if there were a better way to apply that refund, something that would not only enrich your quality of life, but also save you money?

Why You Should Use Your Tax Return on LASIK This Year

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One of the best things you could do with your refund this year is invest in laser vision correction, like LASIK. LASIK at Kugler Vision is a transformational experience that allows you to toss your contacts and glasses and get clear vision you will enjoy every time you open your eyes, every waking minute of every day. Your wallet will thank you, too. When you end the vicious cycle of spending on glasses, contacts, and supplies, you have the potential to save tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime with LASIK.

Think about it: If you’re relying on temporary vision solutions like glasses or contacts, you are essentially renting your vision. Why not leave those costs behind and invest in your eyes once and for all? With constant glasses or contact lens use, you’re already paying the equivalent of the cost of LASIK, and probably much more.

In addition, years of contact lens use increases risk of contact lens-related eye infections, or even contact lens intolerance (CLI), a common and seriously uncomfortable side effect.

Investing Your Tax Refund in LASIK Vision Correction Is an Investment In:

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  • Visual Freedom: Regain that natural, clear vision you were always meant to have – clear and free. Imagine waking up and seeing the alarm clock. After LASIK, you ditch the old contact lens “poke-in-the-eye” routine. Just get up and go!
  • A More Active Lifestyle: A life without glasses and contacts is one that’s simplified. Maximize your enjoyment of the things you love. Play sports, travel, exercise, and be active without the barriers of glasses and contacts. After LASIK, you can live the active lifestyle you deserve.
  • More Time: Your time is valuable. After LASIK, you’ll have more of it! Save yourself time without a daily glasses-and-contacts routine. The average contact lens wearer spends two minutes per day putting in and taking out contacts. That adds up to 12 wasted hours a year, and over a lifetime it adds up to 34 days! See the full stats on how much time you’ll save with LASIK here.
  • More Money in Your Pocket: As we’ve mentioned already, the one-time cost of vision correction saves you thousands of dollars over a lifetime. Most find that LASIK pays for itself within five years. To find out how much you’ll personally save, try our LASIK savings calculator.
  • Safer, More Comfortable Eyes: Vision correction has been found to be safer than wearing contacts. You’re more likely to develop a serious eye infection from contact lens use. Also, contact lenses tend to trap allergens close to the eye, making eye allergy symptoms worse. And don’t forget about the risk of contact lens intolerance (CLI), an uncomfortable condition that can gradually make wearing contact lenses almost impossible.

How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Tax Return: Combine It With 0% Financing

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Make laser vision correction even more affordable by combining your tax refund with our flexible 0% interest for 24 months LASIK financing. Chances are, your payments will be less than what you are already spending on glasses, contact lenses, and solution.

Investing in LASIK With Your Tax Refund Is Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. File your tax return. After filing, it is typical to wait about three weeks to receive your tax refund, although it may vary.
  2. Schedule your LASIK consultation at Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska. Find out if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction and get answers to any questions you may have. To reserve your time with our doctor, simply call the Kugler Vision office at 402.558.2211, or click this link to schedule your LASIK consultation online.
  3. Schedule your LASIK procedure. After your consultation, schedule your procedure and transform your life for the better. If you are a good LASIK candidate, the sooner you have it, the sooner you can save money. LASIK is a quick and practically painless procedure with a fast recovery time — you can go to work the very next day without needing glasses or contact lenses to see.

Why keep throwing money away? Use your tax refund and invest in yourself. LASIK is safer and more cost effective than glasses and contacts. You will see better, enjoy life to the fullest, and actually save money in the long run.

Wondering if You’re a LASIK Candidate? Take Our LASIK Self-Test to Find Out Now!

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