The Dad’s Guide to Modern LASIK in Omaha

Published by Drew Dickson, MD on June 12, 2023

How do you thank a dad on Father’s Day? The gift of sight. Modern LASIK in Omaha is affordable compared to contact lenses (more on that later) and patients are far more pleased with their LASIK results in both the long-term and the short-term.

So, if you are stumped on the perfect gift for Pop, consider one he can appreciate every time he opens his eyes. Here are several ways he’ll benefit from permanent vision correction through LASIK or one of the other advanced vision correction treatments available at Kugler Vision.

Child-proof his eyes.

Parents know how grabby babies can be and how rambunctious they get when they’re older. After LASIK, Dad won’t have to replace broken glasses or torn contact lenses after one of those epic wrestling matches with the kids gets a little out of hand.

Play and vacay free of worry.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could take off for those family trips with one less thing to pack? Better yet, imagine never having to worry about what to do if Dad accidentally leaves the house without all his contact lens supplies.

He can tackle the “honey-do” list.

Hammers and nails, assembly instructions and auto parts are a lot easier (and safer) to handle with sharp vision. Not to mention, after LASIK, life’s easier when you don’t have to fetch glasses that dropped off a roof or under the hood of a car.

Work smarter, not harder.

Long days on the job can be hard on tired eyes—especially if contact lenses cause dry eye or irritation. Help a busy dad get rid of them with LASIK or another permanent vision correction and he’ll be more productive. And his boss will be impressed, too.

Save money.

The man of the house must be ever mindful of the family budget. But prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, cleaning solutions and storage containers can get pricey, and the cost never goes away. In fact, the price tag of these ineffective, temporary fixes will far exceed the cost of permanent vision over the course of a lifetime—and Dad’s vision will never be as good as it could be after LASIK.

When thinking about the investment in laser vision correction, remember it can ultimately save you thousands of dollars. Plus, there are affordable financing options to help your favorite guy get clearer vision now with low monthly payments. Once LASIK is paid off, that’s one household bill Dad won’t have to manage.

The first step on the LASIK journey is to find out if LASIK is right for you. Start with Kugler Vision’s quick LASIK Self-Test to see if it’s an option, then schedule a risk-free consultation with a LASIK surgeon.

As modern vision correction specialists, we at Kugler Vision are committed to serving our patients’ needs on the journey to a life free from visual barriers. Take the first step with a thorough eye analysis and find out if you qualify for Modern LASIK or one of our 6 other advanced vision correction treatments. Book online at

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