What if I Blink or Move During LASIK?

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on September 13, 2016

Blinking or moving during LASIK or another laser vision correction procedure is a common concern that we hear from our patients. Great news! Blinking and moving during LASIK is nothing to be worried or concerned about.

During vision correction procedures we use a device that gently holds your eye open so that you do not have to think about it. It is therefore impossible for you to close your eye or blink during the procedure. We keep the surface of your eye lubricated with drops, so your eye does not get dry, and you will not feel the need to blink.


There is nothing that a patient can do to “mess up” the procedure. The laser uses a sophisticated tracking system that measures the position of your eye a thousand times per second. It follows your eye at the same speed and is therefore always perfectly centered.

So, no need to worry about keeping your eye open or moving your eye during the procedure. If you head or body moves, from a cough or sneeze, then the laser moves with you or stops altogether. You will be lying down on a comfortable flat, cushioned bed during the procedure, which only takes about 6 minutes!

At Kugler Vision, we make your experience as comfortable as possible. Laser vision correction is painless, easy, extremely safe and accurate. If you would like to know more about our state-of-the-art technology and safety at Kugler Vision, please call us at 402.558.2211 for more information.

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