Start at the Beginning

Sight is our window to the world, and we want to keep your vision – and your family’s – as clear and precise as possible, ensuring it lasts a lifetime. The earlier you start focusing on your visual health, the better chance you have to achieve a life without visual barriers.

Our Approach to Teen Vision Care

According to a recent study, 76 percent of millennials said they were likely to have a vision correction procedure. At Kugler Vision, we agree with this goal and believe that a life without glasses and contacts is a better vision solution.

Let us be clear, vision correction procedures are best avoided until your eyes reach the age of ocular maturity, typically between the ages of 18 and 22. But there are steps that can be taken now to be prepared for the best vision correction outcome possible when the time comes.

Even if your kids do not currently wear glasses or contacts, it’s important to track their eye development to ensure their vision and monitor eye health. Kugler Vision’s Teen Vision program is designed to do just that. Unlike traditional eye exams, our eyecare plan, called VisionTrack™, is personalized for each patient. This individualized plan is a roadmap to achieving their most optimal vision, without glasses and contacts, as soon as they are medically able.

While this approach may mean glasses or contacts today, we view these as only temporary. Ultimately, the goal is for all our Teen Vision patients to progress toward a lasting vision correction treatment, such as LASIK, once their eyes are ready.

Our Approach To Teen Vision Care

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Your teen’s vision care begins with our trademark VisionTrack EyeAnalysis™. The EyeAnalysis eye health assessment is much more than an eye exam. VisionTrack EyeAnalysis™ is a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of your 10- to 18-year-old’s vision and ocular health. Kugler Vision has the most sophisticated array of diagnostic technology in the region. We use these high-tech resources to map out their ocular health in detail.

Our technology allows us to screen for any biological disorders or tendencies, and forecast visual progression. The result of this initial exam is a holistic, proactive, and personalized plan to address any and all current and potential visual needs as we work to prepare them for a lifetime of visual clarity.

Clear Vision Now, Clear Vision For Life

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According to multiple national studies, there has been a recent spike in myopia (nearsightedness) among adolescents in America.  While this increase can likely be attributed to technological lifestyle changes, the fact remains that more adolescents than ever before are suffering from blurry vision and need proper care. When adolescents become part of the Teen Vision care program, they are provided with the highest quality of visual care. We will safeguard their ocular health as they grow. Initially, this may mean we give them a glasses prescription and fit them for contacts, but we regard this as a temporary solution. The long-term goal for all Kugler Vision patients, regardless of age, is to help them achieve clear and precise vision without the need for glasses or contacts.

This is an important distinction, because as a parent considering our care, you should understand that we believe in the life-changing benefits of vision correction.

A Future Without Glasses and Contacts

Poor vision is a disorder that with today’s technology can be treated and prevented. At Kugler Vision, we believe that life should be lived unencumbered and that vision correction is a better solution than glasses and contacts. We believe this because:

  • Vision correction will likely result in better vision than what’s possible even with the
    most advanced glasses or contacts
  • Vision correction is safer – no more chances of losing a contact or breaking your glasses at a time of emergency
  • Vision correction leads to healthier eyes – no more foreign objects in the eyes, and none of the elevated risk of the eye infections that are so common with contact use
  • Vision correction saves money – potentially tens of thousands of dollars, by replacing the never-ending expense of glasses, contacts, and solutions with the onetime cost of vision correction
  • Vision correction enables a life without barriers – life without glasses or contacts is simply easier