No More Glasses. No More Contacts.

Clear vision without glasses or contact lenses is possible. Kugler Vision believes vision correction, whenever medically possible, is a better vision solution.

The technology and landscape of laser vision correction procedures has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent decades. More people than ever before are candidates for vision correction.

At Kugler Vision, we are dedicated to providing all our patients with the most advanced technology and treatment options available – today’s technology gives patients better visual freedom than glasses or contacts could ever achieve.

In fact, the FDA recently released a comprehensive study confirming that LASIK – just one of many treatment options we provide – has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any elective medical procedure ever reported, at over 97 percent.

Simply put, we believe that vision correction, regardless of your age, leads to a higher quality of life. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why:

no more glassesReduce need for glasses:

  • No need to worry about forgetting your glasses somewhere.
  • You will no longer feel helpless or partially blind without glasses.
  • No more discomfort or headaches caused by frames or heavy lenses.
  • Eliminate glare, especially in photos.
  • Feel younger, more active, more free.

no more contactsGet rid of contacts:

  • No more falling asleep in your lenses.
  • No more cleaning and maintenance.
  • No longer need to worry about having solution and cases, especially when traveling.
  • No more touching your eyes on a daily basis.
  • Feel younger, more active, more free.



safety first check markYour vision will be safer:

  • No chance of losing a contact or breaking your glasses during an emergency.
  • No more feelings of being blind when your glasses aren’t nearby.

stick man with arms in airYou will likely be able to see better than what’s possible with even the most advanced glasses or contacts:

  • The majority of Kugler Vision patients achieve results that are 20/20 or better, and as good or better than they ever saw in glasses.

eye iconYour eyes will be healthier:

  • No more foreign objects in or covering your eyes.
  • Reduced risk of eye infections – in fact, LASIK and other vision correction procedures have been proven to be five times healthier than daily contact lens use.
  • Reduced allergy symptoms – contact lenses trap allergens close to the eye, leading to increased levels of irritation.


money bagYou will save money:

sun wearing sunglassesYou will enjoy life more:

  • Poor vision is a disorder – one that can be easily corrected
  • Wake up and see the alarm clock – just get up and go
  • Save yourself the time and stress of worrying about your daily glasses-and-contacts routine.
  • Enjoy sports and the outdoors more without the barriers of lenses.
  • Regain the vision nature intended – clear and free.

Kugler Vision has assembled one of the most educated and experienced refractive surgery teams in the nation, and we use only the most advanced treatment technology available. This level of commitment is necessary to ensure the best possible patient outcomes, and is the reason why we have confidence in recommending today’s most advanced vision care solutions instead of the centuries-old technology of glasses and contacts.

Patients come to us because they want to achieve a clearer, more natural way to experience the world with their most precious sense – their vision.