Red Eyes After LASIK

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on November 6, 2018

Many people consider having LASIK for a lifestyle enhancement – not having to deal with glasses or contact lenses every day. Others want to have LASIK because a big event is coming up, like engagement pictures, a wedding, a marathon, a big family vacation on the beach, skydiving – all things they would love to fully focus on without relying on glasses or contacts to see clearly. LASIK can help you experience life to the fullest. But many people are concerned about having red eyes after LASIK – they worry about how long they might have red eyes and if it could be problematic. So, why do some people have red eyes after LASIK?

Why Do Some People Have Red Eyes After LASIK?

Some people may experience blood-red splotches on the whites of the eye after LASIK. These spots are known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This is similar to a bruise, but because the blood spots are visible on the white of the eye, it can cause concern.

If subconjunctival hemorrhages occur, they will go away on their own, but can last over a few weeks.

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No Red Eyes for Kugler Vision Patients – Here’s Why

At Kugler Vision, we use a combination of special eye drops prior to the procedure to prevent subconjunctival hemorrhages from occuring. We also use a special tool, which gently holds your eye open, instead of a suction ring.

Our patients are pleased to know that they don’t have to worry about having red eyes after LASIK.

My Eyes Are Sensitive, and I Don’t Like Anyone Touching Them. Can I Still Have LASIK?

In all our years of experience, we have never met a patient who LIKES to have their eyes touched. We all have a natural reflex to protect our eyes, and therefore, we are sensitive to instruments and objects around our eyes.

At Kugler Vision, we use numbing drops that reduce this reflex. Our expert staff keeps you comfortable throughout the procedure, so sensitivity does not interfere with your procedure or affect your results.

We have never encountered a patient on whom we could not perform LASIK comfortably.

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Is LASIK Painful?

LASIK is a quick and virtually painless procedure. Before the LASIK procedure begins, your eye is numbed with anesthetic drops. While you may feel a slight pressure sensation, actual pain is rare. After your procedure, your eyes may have some mild soreness for a few hours, but lubricating eye drops and Tylenol or ibuprofen are usually enough to relieve any discomfort.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions regarding LASIK or would like to schedule a consultation to find out if you’re a candidate, please contact us today at 402.558.2211. We can help you achieve the clear and natural vision you deserve, so you can enjoy life to the fullest without the hassles of glasses and contact lenses.

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