Preparing for your LASIK appointment

Patients often feel excited or anxious prior to their LASIK appointment. While these emotions are completely normal, being prepared can help put your mind at ease during the lead up to your big day. Here are a few tips to help you get ready:

1. Ask questions and express your concerns

  • During your consultation and pre-operative appointment, consult with your doctor about any questions that may be weighing on your mind. We encourage patients to familiarize themselves with the procedure, technology and health care professionals. Clearing up your concerns will help you feel more confident going into your surgery.

2. Be up-front

  • Advise your doctor about any health history concerns or medications you are taking. A two-way flow of communication can promote a smooth procedure and recovery.

3. Stop wearing contact lenses during the period of time advised by your doctor.

  • Adhere to the contact lens guidelines provided by your doctor. To ensure the shape of your eye is optimal for LASIK, you must stop wearing contact lenses a few days or weeks before your surgery. Be sure to confirm when you need to stop wearing your contacts and follow these instructions accordingly.

4. Lose the cosmetics

  • On the day before surgery, stop using make-up, lotions, perfumes or other cosmetics that may interfere with the procedure. These substances can cause debris, which may get in your eyes during the procedure.

5. Have a light meal

  • Eating a light meal before your surgery is acceptable and encouraged!

6. Arrange alternate transportation

  • Driving is not advised immediately following your procedure, so you will need a driver to take you home. Most LASIK patients are able to drive the next day, however!

7. Dress for comfort

  • Wear comfortable clothing to your surgery. Avoid wearing bulky clothing or lint shedding material like wool or mohair. For comfort, steer clear of hair accessories that may interfere with the position of your head under the laser.

8. Relax!

  • Your health care professionals will cover any additional instructions and address any concerns or questions you may have. Relax, you’re on the road to a lifetime of clear vision!
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