At Kugler Vision, we understand that laser cataract surgery is a life-changing event, and you should select your surgeon carefully. Choose a practice that is dedicated to patient safety, using only the best technology, and careful long-term patient follow-up care.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cataract Surgeon:

Advancements in eye surgery have been revolutionary in recent years. The biggest changes stem from the introduction of lasers. There’s an option that can dramatically improve the lives of patients with cataracts: laser cataract surgery. With laser cataract surgery, patients have the widest range of customized treatment options available for cataract surgery.

IOLs are clear intraocular lenses that a surgeon will use to replace your clouded natural lens. Surgeons who specialize in advanced technology lenses are best able to evaluate each patient to determine whether an advanced technology IOL is appropriate. They are also best able to provide appropriate care before, during, and after surgery.

Surgeons who are certified to use and have experience with all available IOLs are best able to customize the IOL selection to each individual patient. Such skilled customization increases the likelihood of a successful result.

In order to achieve excellent cataract surgery results, the eye must be evaluated with the latest technology and instruments. Sophisticated corneal topography and tomography systems are required to evaluate the structures of the eye to determine the best surgical approach. Optical coherence biometry, immersion ultrasound, optical scatter, and anterior segment topography/tomography are important for appropriate evaluation.

Modern cataract surgery is also a refractive surgery, meaning that it can reduce your need for glasses and contacts. LASIK surgeons are experts in reducing the need for glasses and contacts, and therefore are especially qualified to help cataract patients achieve the very best quality of vision. Furthermore, some patients require LASIK or other types of laser vision correction after cataract surgery, so it is advantageous to select a qualified surgeon who is skilled in both types of procedures.

Choosing the best IOL is challenging in eyes that have had prior surgery, and special expertise is required. It’s important that your surgeon is an expert who specializes in cataract surgery with Advanced Technology IOLs to effectively calculate the formulas for IOL power calculations and utilize special instrumentation and computer software.

Why Choose Kugler Vision in Omaha?

  • Check out our specialty-trained laser and cataract surgeons.
  • We are committed to providing the best technology to increase the accuracy of treatment, leading to better outcomes.
  • We are the first practice in Omaha to offer multiple lasers for laser cataract surgery.
  • At Kugler Vision, it is a priority that our surgeon spends time with you.
  • We customize treatment for each patient’s needs.