What Information Should You Trust About LASIK?

by Lance Kugler, MD

The internet is an amazing resource and has transformed how we research and obtain information. But can you always trust everything you read on it? This question is especially important when you are researching something as precious as your eyesight.

If you are researching LASIK for yourself or a loved one, a Google search nets you roughly 12 million results. Most of the information, you do not need. You need the right information that is accurate, unbiased, and up to date so you can decide if LASIK is right for you.

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How to Differentiate Unbiased Information

The Refractive Surgery Council (RSC) has been helping people make informed choices about their vision by providing independent, unbiased, educational material that is scientifically valid.

The RSC has made the library of material available to surgeons, media, and patients, which can also be found on a wide variety of independent health information websites. If you are interested in knowing that the LASIK information you are reading is authoritative and comes straight from the RSC, look for the RSC Verified seal.

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The RSC Verified Seal

The RSC Verified seal appears on all LASIK and refractive surgery information that comes from the RSC library. This material you can rely on to guide you when you’re making a decision about LASIK or another laser vision correction procedure.

At Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska, we are proud to be part of the Refractive Surgery Council (RSC) Verified program. The seal on our website reflects our commitment to providing you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your vision correction.

For any questions on the RSC Verified seal and our commitment to provide information that is unbiased and based on the latest science, please contact us at 402.558.2211.

Tips on Researching LASIK Surgeons

After your extensive research on LASIK vision correction itself, what are the next best steps? Having determined that you’re ready to change your life by improving your vision is exciting! But just as there were many sources of information to sort through in your LASIK research, there may be many providers. For some, the selection process to find the best LASIK surgeon for them can feel daunting. We’re here to help. The key points below are a summary from our previous article, “How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon“.

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There are many factors to consider when researching the skills, reputation, and qualifications of a refractive surgeon. Here’s what we recommend you look for:

  • Surgeon Reputation and Licensing: state licensing boards can validate a surgeon’s credentials. Curious on the types of credentials, certifications, and experience to look for? Check out the full biography of Kugler Vision’s head LASIK surgeon, Lance Kugler, MD, here.
  • Advertisements: Lots of vision correction centers advertise on the radio, social media, and the web. You’ve probably heard them around town. Some ads are helpful and informative. Unfortunately, others are less so. Some ads focus solely on price. A cheap procedure should not be the primary factor when you choose a doctor to perform surgery on your eyes. After all, when considering LASIK, you’re not simply “buying” a procedure– you’re investing in high quality results!
  • Expertise: Look for a surgeon with demonstrated expertise and who is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest information and techniques. Some helpful things to look for are:
    • a doctor’s authorship of published studies or articles on vision correction
    • advanced technical training or fellowships
    • and participation in clinical trials.
    • For example, Dr. Kugler successfully completed a year long intensive fellowship in Nashville under the esteemed Dr. Ming Wang, internationally recognized LASIK expert and laser physicist. He has also been published in numerous journals, participates in many clinical trials, and even recently delivered a TEDx talk on advancements in vision correction.
  • Reviews and Referrals: It’s always a good idea to seek out reviews for any surgeon you are considering, to see what actual patients have to say about both their results and their experience at the practice.  Reviews can be found on multiple platforms, so it’s a good idea to take a look at at least two sources outside of the practice or center’s own website as you research. For example, you can find Kugler Vision’s patient reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Have More LASIK Questions? We’re Here to Help

When making the life-changing decision to correct your vision, it’s important to be informed so you can feel confident. If you have any other questions about LASIK, and if it may be right for your eyes, we encourage you to reserve an EyeAnalysis assessment with our experts by calling us at 402-558-2211, or booking online here. We also offer a convenient one minute self test to get you started on your LASIK researching journey and see at a glance if you are likely to be a candidate. 

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kugler vision doctor lance kugler

Lance Kugler, MD, is a specialist in LASIK and vision correction surgery and CEO of Kugler Vision. A proud Omaha native, he is passionate about improving lives through clear vision. Dr. Kugler serves on several national boards, and his practice is recognized internationally as a center of excellence. Dr. Kugler is one of the original founders of the Refractive Surgery Alliance, an international organization comprised of over 350 of the world’s leading vision correction surgeons; he also served as its first president. In 2019, Dr. Kugler was selected as a TEDx speaker, and delivered a talk in Omaha about the worldwide epidemic of nearsightedness and refractive solutions. Dr. Kugler is an Associate Professor of Refractive Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Truhlsen Eye Institute, has been published in many medical journals, and participates in numerous clinical studies to advance the field of vision correction surgery. Dr. Kugler and his wife are proud parents to five active kids. When he has a spare moment, he enjoys skiing, tennis, travel, and fine coffee.

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