LASIK is a life-changing procedure, and choosing your surgeon should not be done lightly. It is important to choose a practice that is dedicated and capable of providing the full range of vision correction procedures, not just LASIK. It is also crucial to choose a practice dedicated to proper patient evaluation, using the best technology available, and careful long-term patient follow-up. We hope you choose Kugler Vision for your surgery, but here is a list of questions to ask, no matter where you are looking:

The Refractive Surgery Alliance is a prestigious organization dedicated to making refractive surgery safer and more effective than ever. Lance Kugler, MD, was one of the founding members and was the organization’s first president (a two-year term); he continues to serve on the RSA Executive Board. Dr. Drew Dickson, MD and Dr. Kelly Kiser, MD are also accomplished Refractive Surgeons at Kugler Vision.

Surgeons who are more thoroughly trained in the techniques and science behind laser surgery are more likely to achieve an excellent result. Lance Kugler, MD completed his fellowship at Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more about his experience by reading his full bio. We also have Dr. Drew Dickson, MD and Dr. Kelly Kiser, MD as our Refractive Surgeons.

Vision centers that offer the full range of available procedures, like Kugler Vision does, are best able to customize a treatment plan for your individual needs.

Some lasers are kept in the back of a truck, or are transported from city to city on a daily basis. It is important for a laser to remain in a humidity- and temperature-controlled room at all times to improve accuracy and consistency.

Doctors who are actively conducting clinical trials, like Lance Kugler, MD, are able to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. We also have Dr. Drew Dickson, MD and Dr. Kelly Kiser, MD as our Refractive Surgeons.

It is important for the surgeon to be involved in all aspects of the preoperative evaluation and postoperative follow-up. Some surgeons operating in Omaha do not live in Nebraska and leave town after surgery. Others are only in Omaha a few days each month.