Omaha In the Know: Why LASIK Was An Unexpected Positive During the Pandemic

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on September 23, 2020

During the pandemic, we understand that things can sometimes feel pretty bleak.

There’s the worry and stress for yourself and loved ones, the reduction of being mobile and active outside the home, and the fatigue of social distancing as we all work to flatten the curve. We get it! 2020 has been rough. But there are still things to be grateful for. One popular Omaha blogger, Erin from Her Heartland Soul, has recently taken time to reflect upon things she’s grateful for in 2020– and she’s shared her list of 5 unexpected positives to come from Corona. What was one of the top among them? LASIK vision correction of course!

Erin Fairchild post LASIK surgeryWhy LASIK May Be One of the Single, Best Bright Spots in 2020

Erin has found what so many other patients have discovered this year– that life after LASIK is so much more affordable, comfortable, and convenient than being stuck in the cycle of being chained to glasses and contact lenses. LASIK, and the visual freedom it provides, is a definite bright spot in this COVID-world– especially because people who opt to have LASIK can kiss the issues of foggy glasses and masks goodbye! If there’s one very clear eye care rule to come from this pandemic it’s this: glasses and masks don’t mix.

Erin is now about a year post-LASIK surgery, and she’s declared it one of the best decisions she’s made. She breaks that, and other positives down in her blog. Click below to read her newest post.

Her Heartland Soul, 5 Unexpected Positives to Come From Corona


There’s Still Time to Get Something GOOD Out of 2020 – Check Your LASIK Options Now

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