At Kugler Vision in Omaha, NE we put our patients first. We want them to achieve their vision goals and have their best possible vision at any stage of life. Comfort and health go hand in hand with great vision. Many people suffering from irritated or uncomfortable eyes are searching for the best drops for dry eyes. We often recommend Oasis TEARS Plus.

Dry Eye Syndrome is one of the most under-diagnosed medical issues and affects an estimated 23 million people nationwide. So, what is Dry Eye Syndrome? Dry Eye Syndrome is when an individual suffers from a lack of the natural tear production needed for proper lubrication– leaving you with eyes that are dry, scratchy, and uncomfortable.

Relieve Your Dry Eye Symptoms

We offer various options for dry eye relief. One option is Oasis TEARS lubricant Eye Drops. Oasis TEARS coat, lubricate, and moisten delicate eye tissue. With each blink, a special substance in Oasis TEARS combines with the active ingredient, glycerin, to keep tears on the eye surface for a long time. This unique combination coats the surface of the eye again and again for continued relief of dry, irritated eyes.

Oasis TEARS Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms Such As:

  • Morning dry eyes
  • Nighttime dry eyes
  • Burning, itching eyes
  • Discomfort and vision problems related to Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Irritated eyes
  • Tired eyes

We recommend Oasis TEARS for relief of moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. Not all eyes are the same! Oasis TEARS are uniquely formulated to give your eyes instant relief and long-lasting comfort. With every blink, the preservative-free formula protects and moistens the surface of your eyes.

Oasis TEARS Benefits:

  • Offers instant relief of dry eye symptoms
  • Gives you prolonged comfort with fewer applications required
  • Eliminates the source of toxic irritation with preservative-free options
  • Natural; contains no damaging chemicals
  • Provides moistening and lubrication of the surfaces of your eye

Oasis TEARS PLUS is preservative free. Preservative free tears are the best choice for patients immediately following laser vision correction like LASIK, because they are more comfortable to use. The difference is in the thickness and improved compatibility with the eye’s tissues.

When your natural tears are unable to provide enough moisture or lubrication to your eyes, artificial tears, also called lubricating drops, can help. Not all artificial tears are the same. They have different active ingredients, preservatives and packaging.

Contact us if you would like to try Oasis TEARS for dry eye relief. If you are using artificial drops several times a day and still do not have relief, you may suffer from moderate to severe dry eye. To find out if you have dry eye, take our dry eye self test for the answer to “Do I have Dry Eye?” Please contact us for more information on dry eye relief today.