Omaha in the Know: My Eye-Opening Visit to Kugler Vision

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on October 26, 2020

What’s It Like to Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam at Kugler Vision?
Follow Along With Tracy

Tracy Cartwright of The Fashion Sessions has an eye for detail and all things functional. She came to Kugler Vision for a routine checkup on her vision and was quickly captivated by our tranquil office and modern technology. In her blog post, she describes our carefully crafted architecture and the relaxing flow of design elements from our lobby to our patient areas. Her time with Lance Kugler, MD left her with a new understanding of her eyesight and appreciation for our patient-focused approach to vision correction. Follow along on her unique Kugler Vision experience and learn more about the flow and function of our practice through Tracy’s eyes.

Tracy Cartwright of the Fashion Sessions and her Blog Entry on Kugler Vision

Scheduling Your Private EyeAnalysis Consultation at Kugler Vision

Tracy’s experience sounds pretty great! We base everything that we do around the core principal of customer service. That means your satisfaction is top priority– from the amazingly crisp, clear vision results we help our patients to achieve, to the world-class service we provide. Please, don’t settle for the hassles of glasses and contacts! It’s time you experienced the Kugler Vision difference for yourself. Scheduling your private EyeAnalysis consultation is fast and easy. Simply click the button below to book your EyeAnalysis consultation online, or call us at 402-558-2211. We look forward to helping you achieve the clear vision you deserve!

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