Here at Kugler Vision, we specialize in the thorough examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients suffering from dry eye symptoms. We are known for providing one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced eye examinations in the country. When you visit Kugler Vision for a Dry Eye Evaluation, we won’t simply test your vision for symptoms and causes – we will examine your entire visual field and overall eye health. This will provide a complete diagnosis and plan for you to maintain optimal vision now and in the future.

Our comprehensive Dry Eye Evaluation consists of the following tests:

  • Complete medical history: There are a number of medical factors that can exaggerate dry eye symptoms. We will discuss your illness history, work environment, and medications to determine potential influence.
  • Comprehensive manual eye exam: We will conduct a traditional eye exam to measure your current visual quality and overall eye health.
  • HD analysis: Kugler Vision is one of the only centers in the country with HD Analyzer technology – where we can project images that show us the true quality and clarity of your actual sight.
  • LipiView analysis:  Using TearScience’s LipiView Dry Eye Diagnostic technology, we will examine the volume of tear production your meibomian glands produce. We will then analyze the actual tear fluid makeup for any deficiencies.
  • Dyed eyedrop test:  If needed, we will conduct a dyed eyedrop test. This test uses special colored eyedrops to determine the surface condition of your eyes. This allows us to measure the liquid patterns on the corneas and how long it takes before your tears evaporate.
  • Additional eye health and analysis: All dry eye evaluation patients undergo our complete array of testing, which includes advanced analysis of all aspects of your visual field using 3D imaging, corneal topography, and advanced astigmatism testing. The result is a complete understanding of your overall visual quality and overall eye health.

Getting Started

Don’t let the change in seasons sneak up on you. Schedule your dry eye exam at Kugler Vision to see which treatment options are best for you. Call 402.558.2211, and we will answer all of your questions.