LASIK Recovery

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on July 20, 2012

As LASIK technology has improved, so has the post-operative recovery process. While some patients face the initial concern that laser eye surgery will leave them recuperating for months, the reality is that the vast majority of patients experience improved vision within one or two days after their laser vision correction procedure. While the estimated time period for full recovery varies depending on the patient, the corneal surface will typically heal within 24 hours. With the help of painkillers and rest, minor discomfort experienced following surgery can be easily managed. There are also additional factors that can ensure a successful, comfortable and quick healing process.

After LASIK surgery, follow these five tips to aid in a successful recovery:

  1. Patients are advised to avoid any activities that may cause frequent touching, rubbing or poking of the eyes. Rubbing the eye can disrupt the healing process following LASIK surgery. It is advised that patients close their eyes and rest after surgery. If a patient is someone who unconsciously rubs their eyes while sleeping, a protective eye shield may be required to protect eyes from inadvertent aggravation, such as rubbing or scratching.
  2. Wait one to three days before resuming exercise and non-contact sports. Patients may also need to consult with an eye surgeon about when to resume high impact activity and contact sports.
  3. Use the medicated eye drops for one to two weeks following surgery. These drops will help promote a comfortable recovery and ensure eyes are well lubricated throughout the healing process.
  4. A life of swimming without having to worry about blurred vision is just around the corner. However, spas, pools, hot tubs and tanning beds should be avoided for a few weeks to up to one month after a LASIK procedure.
  5. One of the most important steps for a healthy recovery is attending post-operative follow-up examinations. In these appointments, Dr. Kugler will evaluate a patient’s recovery, vision, and results.
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Gerty Gift

Thank you for mentioning that you should avoid pools and swimming for up to a month after surgery. I have been heavily considering LASIK for a while and this is just one more thing that I am glad to know before I decide to go ahead with it. I think that this is totally doable and I would love to see how this can benefit and change my life.

Ellie Davis

Thank you for suggesting you should wait one to three days to resume exercising. My husband and I finally decided to get lasik together. We haven’t found a doctor to perform this for use. We’ll have to keep looking in our area.

Joy Butler

My mom is interested to undergo this kind of procedure. She told us that it is one of her preparations for her favorite granddaughter’s wedding day. Before we allowed her to do that, we need to know more about this to ensure her safety.

Christina Parish

Of course Joy, thanks for reaching out. We see people all the time who would like to have laser vision correction before a big event like a wedding! At Kugler Vision, we offer consultations which take about 90 minutes. At the consultation, your mom will have her eyes examined by our doctors, and they will make their best recommendation based on her unique eyes and test results. About 90% of the people we see are a good candidate for one of our life-changing procedures. Please call us at 402.558.2211 for more information or to schedule her a consultation, and feel free to come with her!


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