Kiss Reading Glasses Goodbye. Say Hello to a Corneal inlay.

Break Up With Readers

Dear Reading Glasses,

Oh where do I begin? At first, what we had was great. When I needed you to see and understand things that were close to me, you were there. We have had some good times together, a few laughs. But then… we started having problems.

This on and off routine is dragging me down. I get a text, I put you on. I take a shower and take you off. I make coffee and put you on. On. Off. On. Off. And that’s just the morning routine. Now that we have had an on and off relationship for a few years, we both know that the time has come. We need to break up for good. No more on and off. I am moving on to a near vision Corneal inlay.

The Corneal inlay allows me to be myself — free and independent. I refuse to be dependent on you anymore! I’m fed up with your daily on and off routine and your constant disappearances. Needless to say,  you’re just too inconsistent in my life and never seem to be there when I need you the most. I’m also tired of spending money on you and getting nothing but hassles in return.

We tried to make it work, but we are no longer a good fit. This has been a long time coming. I only wish I would have moved on to Corneal inlay sooner.

A Breakup You Won’t Regret

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Millions of people in the United States wear reading glasses, and the majority of them aren’t that crazy about them but just not brave enough to finally make a change. You are going to be okay. Your life will be easier and more hassle free without readers. You deserve to wake up and remember that this is your life and this life is what you make of it.

Clear near vision without readers is possible. Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska believes vision correction, whenever medically possible, is a better solution. We are dedicated to providing all our patients with their best possible vision achievable.

Simply put, we believe that vision correction, regardless the stage of life, leads to a higher quality of life. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should pursue a Corneal inlay and kiss reading glasses goodbye.

Some of the Benefits of a Corneal inlay

  • Improves everyday vision, so you can see text messages, a computer screen, a restaurant menu, or the time on your wrist watch, without the frustration of reading glasses.
  • Provides a broader, more natural range of vision — from near to far — without blurry zones.
  • Offers a long-term solution that will help you enjoy clear near vision over time.

Common Nuisances You Can Leave Behind After Corneal Inlay

  • Tired of improvising on recipes because you can’t read them? Get ready for an easier time cooking dinner.
  • Never spend another second looking all over for your readers… and then remembering they’re on top of your head.
  • You’ll stop buying reading glasses in bulk. No more reading glasses clutter.
  • You can stop avoiding the self-checkout lane at the store, you’ll be able to read the screen.
  • Avoid arm strain. Isn’t it time you stopped trying to stretch your arm past its natural range of motion? After Corneal inlay you can hold your reading material at a comfortable distance again!
  • Never increase your text size on your phone to King Kong proportions again.

Need even more reasons to kick those readers to the curb? Check out our recent blog post, 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Wearers of Reading Glasses.

Ready to Fall in Love with Corneal inlay?

With a Corneal inlay, you will forget the pain of the on and off relationship and the constant searching for readers. So go on, get out there and love your life free from the hassles of reading glasses. There’s never been a better time than right now.

Laser vision correction is a life-changing, transformational experience. If you would like to know more about Corneal inlays, find out if you’re a Corneal inlay candidate by scheduling a consultation with us. Please contact us at 402.558.2211.  

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