KAMRA Inlay Patient Focus: Terry

by Lance Kugler, MD

Terry Baker was thrilled when he first came to Kugler Vision two years ago and learned about the KAMRA® corneal inlay. He had spent years trying to find a solution for his blurry reading vision, and here it was. Dysfunctional lens syndrome (DLS) is a natural eye condition that affects all of us over time as the lens of the eye ages. Stage 1 develops in our mid-40s to mid-50s as the lens of the eye gradually becomes stiff and loses its ability to flex and focus light, making it difficult to see things up close.

Reading Vision Gets Fuzzy

Terry, 51, who works as an HVAC technician, was in his mid-40s when his near vision started to get fuzzy. He had never needed glasses before then. A few years later, he started wearing bifocals.

For a while, Terry briefly tried monovision contact lenses, but they weren’t a good solution either. He couldn’t tolerate wearing the contact lenses at home, so wearing them amid dusty conditions at work was out of the question.

Prescription Goggles Didn’t Help

Terry also tried a pair of safety goggles with prescription bifocal lenses. But he was still struggling to see as he rewired circuit boards and installed wiring.

“I wore those for maybe close to three years and hated them,” Terry says. “Because of the sweat and the filth that come with my job, I was constantly cleaning them, or they were sliding down my nose. While I was working, I would be turning my head because I just couldn’t quite see where I needed to see or get my head cocked at the right angle to be able to see through the bifocals.”

KAMRA Inlay Changed Everything

terry a kugler vision kamra inlay patient

Terry was also frustrated by having to keep track of his glasses, constantly cleaning them and protecting them when he wasn’t wearing them.

“It was just always a hassle. When you’re working with tools and crawling under houses and in attics, and you don’t have your glasses on, so you put them in your pocket, then they break. When I got the safety glasses and they enlarged the bifocal area, it helped me see a lot, but then they were always dirty. The dirty part was really the worst part. You just can’t keep them clean when you are working in dust and sweat.”

One morning when Terry was on a service call at Dr. Lance Kugler’s office, he stopped a patient coordinator in the hall to ask if there were any alternatives to wearing reading glasses. A few days later, he was having a consult and scheduling his KAMRA Inlay procedure.

Terry’s Life Today

“Now, with the KAMRA Inlay, I see pretty much like I did when I was 20. As close as I can get, and I don’t have the hassles of the filth. I feel younger, and I think I look younger without the glasses on. I feel better.”

Terry now owns his own HVAC company, Priority Mechanical Services in Bellevue, Nebraska. When he isn’t working on a furnace or an air filtration system, he is on the computer finishing paperwork, all tasks that are easier because he can see better with the inlay. And when he meets clients, he isn’t wearing a pair of smudged and dirty glasses.

Is KAMRA Inlay Right for You?

The KAMRA Inlay is a tiny mini-ring that is smaller and thinner than a contact lens. It is placed under the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea and provides a natural range of vision – from near to far – freeing you from the constant frustrations of reading glasses or contact lenses.

If you are looking to reduce your dependence on reading glasses or contact lenses, contact us at 402.558.2211 to see if the KAMRA Inlay may be right for you.

kugler vision doctor lance kugler

Lance Kugler, MD, is a specialist in vision correction surgery and CEO of Kugler Vision. A proud Omaha native, he is passionate about improving lives through clear vision. Dr. Kugler serves on several national boards, and his practice is recognized internationally as a center of excellence. Dr. Kugler is one of the original founders of the Refractive Surgery Alliance, an international organization comprised of over 350 of the world’s leading vision correction surgeons; he also served as its first president. In 2019, Dr. Kugler was selected as a TEDx speaker, and delivered a talk in Omaha about the worldwide epidemic of nearsightedness and refractive solutions. Dr. Kugler is an associate professor of Refractive Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Truhlsen Eye Institute, has been published in many medical journals, and participates in numerous clinical studies to advance the field of vision correction surgery. Dr. Kugler and his wife are proud parents to five active kids. When he has a spare moment, he enjoys skiing, tennis, travel, and fine coffee.

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