How Young Is Too Young for LASIK?

LASIK at a Young Age

Growing up with glasses and contacts is a reality for many young people. In fact, the average age that myopia, or nearsightedness, is detected is age 7. For a kid, having to live a little more cautiously to prevent your glasses from breaking or remembering to make time in the morning and night to cater to your contact lenses can be frustrating.

Today’s LASIK technology is so advanced, most people with a vision problem can experience significant improvement within minutes. It is one of the safest and most successful elective surgeries in the world, so many people choose to leave behind their glasses and contacts as soon as possible with LASIK.

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How Soon Is Too Soon?
It is important to wait until you reach ocular maturity when considering LASIK, or any type of laser vision correction. Ocular maturity is the term used to describe the vision milestone at which a person’s prescription stabilizes. Most people reach ocular maturity around age 18. After ocular maturity is reached, the chances of you experiencing any significant shift in prescription are extremely low. Waiting for laser vision correction until the age of 18 allows for the best possible results.

LASIK is FDA approved for those 18 and over, and has been successfully performed in the United States for over 25 years. While there are certain circumstances in LASIK history where a minor has received laser vision correction for medical reasons, it is otherwise not recommended. Ocular maturity is vital in order to receive the maximum, long-lasting results of vision correction.

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Worth the Wait  

When you hear the phrase “ocular maturity,” don’t get discouraged by its daunting sound. As LASIK continues to stay in high demand among those looking for vision correction, it is well worth the wait. If you are tired of glasses and contacts but are not sure if you’re a good fit for laser vision correction, take our LASIK self-test to check your candidacy.

Smiling young adultKugler Vision is here for all of your vision correction needs. From LASIK to RLE (refractive lens exchange) and five other procedures in between – we cover it all. If you have questions about the LASIK procedure or any of the laser vision correction services we provide, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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