Fireworks Eye Safety Tips

At Kugler Vision in Omaha, we encourage you this fourth of July to follow these fireworks eye safety tips. Thousands of people suffer eye injuries from fireworks each year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of fireworks injuries occur during the one month period surrounding the Fourth of July. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, one in six fireworks injuries affect the eyes. Children account for nearly half of these incidents.

In severe cases, fireworks incidents can:

  • Rupture the globe of the eye
  • Cause chemical burns
  • Leave thermal burns
  • Result in corneal abrasions
  • Cause retinal detachment
fireworks eye safety tips

All of the above injuries can cause permanent eye damage and negatively affect vision.

The most recent fireworks injury report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shows shocking evidence — those injured by fireworks are not necessarily handling the explosives themselves. In fact, nearly half of all people injured by fireworks are bystanders.

Follow these Eye Safety Tips to Prevent Fireworks-Related Eye Injuries

There are simple precautions everyone can and should take to help prevent eye injuries from fireworks.

When it comes to fireworks, always:

  • Respect safety barriers at fireworks shows.
  • Remember not to touch unexploded fireworks.
  • Keep young children away from fireworks. Do not let them play with fireworks!
  • Take the time to ensure proper eye safety. When handling fireworks, always wear protective eyewear and ensure that all bystanders are also wearing eye protection.
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What to do for a Fireworks Eye Injury

If an eye injury from fireworks occurs, it is important to stay calm and act swiftly. Please remember to follow the steps below to help save your sight.

If you or someone you’re with suffers an eye injury from fireworks:

  • Seek medical attention immediately!
  • Do not rub the eyes – rubbing an injured eye may increase bleeding or even make the injury worse.
  • Do not rinse your eyes – this can be even more damaging than rubbing.
  • Do not apply pressure to your eyes – please protect the injured eye from any further contact.
  • Do not remove any objects that may be stuck in the eye – go to the emergency room at once.
  • Do not apply ointments or take any blood-thinning pain medications like aspirin or ibuprofen – this can increase the bleeding.

emergency room sign

Have a Safe Fourth of July

We are not suggesting that you forgo the fun of your favorite seasonal fireworks spectacle. We simply want to remind you to care for your eyes with these simple eye safety tips – you only get one set! We understand that fireworks and celebrations go together, especially on the Fourth of July.

The safest way to enjoy the view and excitement of fireworks is at a professional display. The Kugler Vision team wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day this July 4th.

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