50 Reasons Why NOW Is the Best Time for Laser Vision Correction

Lose the Regrets of a Life Spent Dealing With Glasses and Contacts

“Life-changing – I wish I would have done this sooner. Dr. Kugler and his team were amazing from the start. If anyone is looking to get laser vision correction done, Kugler Vision is the place, A+! I know my husband will be getting LASIK at Kugler Vision in the near future!”

– Meriam, Kugler Vision LASIK patient review

“I wish I would have done this sooner” is a much too common phrase. At Kugler Vision in Omaha, we hear it all the time, from happy patient after happy patient. Once they transform their lives for the better with laser vision correction, they cannot believe they didn’t go through with it sooner!

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Our mission is to make people’s lives better by helping them see the world with their best vision possible. We want them to feel happy and confident, and to live life with energy and vitality. Kugler Vision is a lifestyle enhancement center committed to empowering our patients with clear and precise vision, for a life free from the hassles of glasses and contact lenses.

It’s the Little Things in Life That Make a Big Difference

When you’ve spent years – even decades – dealing with the ongoing daily hassles of prosthetic vision aids like glasses and contacts, the total visual freedom of just waking up in the morning and seeing can be hard to imagine. Vision correction is a transformational experience that touches every waking moment of your day, and improves your quality of life for the better.

Wake up. Roll over. See clearly. Get up and go! Save the five minutes of contact lens care and insertion. Pick up your favorite sunglasses and step out into a fresh new day. And that’s just the morning.

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50 Awesome Reasons to Improve Your Life With Laser Vision Correction Today

1.  Wake up and see! No more reaching around for glasses.
2. Love to read? Try it without glasses.
3. Had glasses since you were little? Still dealing with them? End the cycle!
4. Enjoy the lake this summer. No glasses. No contacts. No problem.
5. You’re going to love swimming without contacts. Jump in! No need to worry about losing a lens or getting something nasty in your lenses.
boys going down water slide
6. Imagine running without glasses slipping down your nose. Take your workout up a notch.
7. Ugh. Ripped contacts are just the worst. Never rip a contact again.
8. Never lose a contact again.
9. Broke your glasses, again? You don’t need to deal with that anymore.
10. Walk in the rain without drops clinging to your glasses.
11. Walk inside and outside any time of year without your glasses fogging up.
12. Allergy season? No more dry, red eyes from contacts trapping dust, pollen, and bacteria in your eyes.
woman who has red eyes from contact lens infection
13. Do you suffer from contact lens intolerance (CLI)? If you are no longer able to apply a contact lens or wear contacts for any extended time without pain or discomfort, you are most likely experiencing CLI.  
14. Are your eyes too dry to wear contact lenses anymore? LASIK can help you leave your contact lenses behind.
15. Ready to throw away your uncomfortable contact lenses? Don’t resort to going back to glasses. Move forward with laser vision correction.
16. Tired of your glasses? Stomp ‘em! Toss ‘em! Donate ‘em! Do whatever you want with them, because after laser vision correction, you can leave them behind.
17. Graduate right out of your glasses and contacts. Start living. Laser vision correction makes a great graduation gift.
18. Tired of buying prescription sunglasses? Just want to pick whatever sunglasses you want, wherever you want? Then do it! With vision correction, you can change up your sunglasses daily. No need for costly prescription lenses.
people wearing sunglasses outside
19. Take a trip and see by the sea. Enjoy your vacation more when you travel light (no contact supplies!) with LASIK.
20. Trying to figure out which frames to choose? Nope! How about none of them?
21. Glasses just don’t fit quite right? What if you could get rid of them?
22. Need reading glasses? We’ve got another option if you want to get rid of readers. Ask about a corneal inlay procedure today.
23. Love your kiddos (or grandkids!) but tired of their cute, sticky little fingers smudging and grabbing your glasses? Snuggle those little glasses-grabbers more happily after laser vision correction.
24. Tired of the on, off, on, off routine? Be done. Rid yourself of readers.
25. No more searching for your reading glasses only to find that they’ve been on top of your head the whole time.
26. Are you a foodie? Next time you dine out, imagine reading the menu without reaching for readers.
lasik age group of people in cafe
27. Love to cook? Recipes tend to turn out better when you can read them.
28. Life is too busy already. Forget some of the hassles and ditch the glasses and contacts.
29. Banish bifocals! They’re a costly hassle. See free and clear after vision correction.
30. Ready to make a change? Feeling stuck in a rut? Get a new view of life.
31. Go ahead, hit snooze. LASIK saves time. You don’t have to put in your contacts anymore.
32. Can’t see if you missed a spot shaving? After vision correction – you can now!
33. Can’t see if you missed a spot when applying makeup? After vision correction – you can now!
34. Can’t see that big smudge of eyeliner that got away from you? Feel more confident in your beauty routine with clear vision.
girl apply makeup in mirroe
35. Do you experience headaches from your glasses? Vision correction can help with that.
36. Are you missing out on family activities because of your glasses and contacts? Make your family a priority and have LASIK so you can focus on things you love to do and not on the hassles of glasses and contacts.
37. “Putting in contacts is my favorite part of the morning” … said no one ever.
38. Hate that panicked, vulnerable feeling when you drop your glasses and can’t immediately see where they went? Yeah, we used to hate that too. LASIK can help!
39. LASIK is safer than contacts.
40. The one-time cost of LASIK saves tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. To find out how much you could personally save with LASIK, try our LASIK savings calculator.
41. Enhance your sports performance with LASIK. Better peripheral vision and improved depth perception are major advantages for serious athletes.
42. Work out without glasses and contact lenses. Get your sweat on without glasses bouncing around or contacts getting dry.
woman outing out at the gym
43. Love photography? Stop those glasses from coming between you and your camera.
44. Have you ever been enjoying some retail therapy, only to get massive sticker shock when you hit the register? Price tags tend to have small print.
45. Consider investing in laser vision correction for your significant other. “I didn’t see the socks on the floor” will never be a valid excuse again.
46. Ever opened the dishwasher only to have a burst of steam completely fog up your glasses? The answer isn’t to stop doing dishes. The answer is to say goodbye to the glasses.
47. You can FINALLY be comfortable: Nothing sitting on your eye. Nothing sitting on your face. Just clear vision, in the natural and unobstructed way you were meant to have it.
48. Say cheese! Smile for the camera on your graduation day, wedding day, or heck – a random Tuesday. Whenever you’re getting your photo taken, you can do it without the scourge of glasses-glare.
student and parents at graduation
49. Ever sign a contract? You know that they’re full of fine print. Give your autograph confidently, knowing you’ve clearly read everything the document has to say… without reading glasses.
50. Your eyes are unique. At Kugler Vision, we customize our treatment recommendation  just for you, called VisionTrackTM. You’re never a “number” at Kugler Vision. You’re a person we are honored to help and excited to get to know.

Believe that Vision Correction Is for You

At Kugler Vision in Omaha, we want you to know that you can have laser vision correction, like LASIK, today. If you rely on glasses and contact lenses to see, then chances are one of our seven vision correction solutions will be right for you. The time is now! It’s never been a better time to have vision correction. Schedule a consultation with Kugler Vision online or please call us at 402.558.2211.

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