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LASIK with “Dry Eyes”

Many patients with dry eyes are interested to know if their condition will prevent them from having LASIK surgery. With proper examination, dry eye treatment, and post-surgical care, having laser eye surgery with dry... Read more

Recognizing developments in Wavefront LASIK

Laser vision correction has come a long way over the past few decades. From the production of the first excimer laser by IBM in 1975 to the FDA’s approval of customized Wavefront LASIK vision correction in 2002, many... Read more

How long should I wait to swim after LASIK?

In the summer, our patients are really excited about LASIK surgery because it gives them an opportunity to enjoy water activities without worrying about wearing contact lenses or prescription goggles to see underwater. If you are planning or have recently had LASIK, you must be wondering when it’s safe for you to swim after LASIK one... Read... Read more