6 Reasons Why Women Choose LASIK

Published by Lance Kugler, MD on April 24, 2017

At Kugler Vision in Omaha, NE, we see many women who want vision correction, like LASIK, so they can transform their lives for the better. Here are the top six benefits of LASIK for women.

1. Enhanced Confidence

Many of our women patients tell us they don’t like how they look in glasses – especially if they have a high prescription and thick, Coke-bottle lenses. Glasses can also make eyes look smaller. Some women say glasses hide their favorite feature – their eyes.

Without glasses, women say they feel more confident in how they look and feel better about themselves.

2. Makeup Application

If you have ever worn mascara with glasses, this may sound familiar:

  • eyelash extensions and mascara always seem to swipe against glasses and smudge them
  • nose-pieces on glasses can smudge foundation and powder

Plus, for women who are farsighted, it’s difficult to see up close to apply eye makeup without glasses on, with with glasses on there’s a physical barrier to get the brush or pencil where it needs to be for proper eye makeup application. Women who have LASIK don’t have to worry about any of this.

3. Easier to Be Active  

Women who are active with exercise, sports, or outdoor adventures say glasses get sweaty and constantly slide down the nose, which is extremely annoying. Contacts can also fall out or get something trapped in them, which is inconvenient and irritating.

With vision correction, there are no glasses or contacts to worry about when exercising or enjoying the outdoors.

4. Freedom

Some women want to wear glasses and contacts, but only occasionally and as an accessory. They say they do not like wearing glasses or contacts just because they have to.

These women want to take control and be empowered to look how they want to look, when they want to look that way. Needing prescription glasses limits their freedom to choose what they want to wear. It’s much easier and less costly to acquire a collection of non-prescription eyewear to wear as accessories  than it is to maintain several pairs of prescription frames or prescription contacts.

5. Wedding Day  

Some women see their wedding day as one of the biggest days of their life. So, it’s no wonder many of them have LASIK before their wedding. With all the details to worry about on the big day, glasses and contacts shouldn’t be on the list. Plus, women who get LASIK before their wedding know they’ll be able to gaze down the aisle and see the look on the groom’s face with perfect clarity.

6. Convenience – Travel Without the Hassles

man and woman in sunglasses laughing on beach

Whether they’re on their honeymoon, a weekend getaway with friends, backpacking through Europe, or climbing the mountains and camping, many women say glasses and contacts are a hassle while traveling. They have to pack all the gear, including a back-up pair of glasses, glasses case, contact lenses, contact lens case, contact solution, and more.

Many women say they are tired of lugging all of those items on trips just to be able to see. With LASIK, there’s none of that – they just pack their bags and go.

Be Informed about the Benefits of LASIK

When it comes to your visual needs, keep in mind your future goals and lifestyle. We recommend thinking of your lifetime eyecare needs. With vision correction like LASIK, you can break free from the hassles of glasses and contacts.

Partner with Kugler Vision and take a proactive approach toward your vision, so you can plan on a lifetime of clear vision without lenses, without expenses of yearly prescription changes, and enjoy all the benefits of LASIK along the way.

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