5 Ways LASIK Can Improve Your College Experience

by Mike Stuntz, MD

College is an exciting time. You’ve worked hard to establish your educational standing, and the freedom of college makes all those years of hard work worth it. Higher education brings on the independence of living on your own, a consistent flow of classwork, and daily social events, all while you balance a part-time job. Is there any time to keep up with blurry vision? No!

Taking time out of your busy schedule to fumble with contact lenses and glasses is less than ideal for anyone, especially in college. The benefits of LASIK are endless and if you’re an on-the-go student, you’ll appreciate the freedom of vision without barriers during your studies. 

We’ve compiled a list of ways that LASIK can enhance the college journey that will have you ready to recycle your contact lenses and glasses for good this school year!

  1. Fresh Eyes for Late-Night Study Sessions 

Staying up late to cram for an exam or to finish a project is a part of the college experience. Prolonged lens wear doesn’t mix well with those nights of research and studying that can lead to falling asleep in your contact lenses, resulting in contact lens intolerance (CLI). LASIK eliminates any potential for developing CLI and relieves your eyes during those all-nighters and early morning classes.

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  1. Extra Time

Time is valuable in college. It seems to slip away as you spend your days juggling multiple responsibilities and activities. Eliminating the everyday hassle of contact lens application, removal, and upkeep can add a little more time to your busy schedule.

Fact: LASIK is a timesaving life hack. The average contact lens wearer spends two minutes per day putting in and taking out their contacts. That’s more than 12 hours and 15 minutes a year wasted dealing with contacts. 

  1. Spontaneous Adventures 

Snowboarding in the Rockies, spring break trips to Florida beaches, last-minute road trips with your roommates – college is a great time to be spontaneous and explore your independence. With the freedom of LASIK, you are able to enjoy life on the go without hauling around glasses or contact lenses (and all the accessories). 

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  1. Comfortable, Clear Vision  

Wearing glasses throughout the day can leave you with a headache or major eye strain, and contact lenses require time and effort to keep feeling fresh. With LASIK, there is no maintenance required for clear vision. From the moment your alarm goes off in the morning for your 8 AM class until the time you fall asleep at the end of the day, your vision is consistently clear and comfortable without the headache from lenses.

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  1. More Money in Your Pocket

A common misconception is that LASIK is not an option because of the cost. In reality, LASIK saves you money. The cost of LASIK is minimal compared with the money spent on contact lenses, glasses, and all of the accessories to keep with clear vision.

Fact: LASIK is affordable. The average cost of soft contact lenses, solutions, back-up glasses, and routine eye exams for 10 years exceeds $7,000.


College is a great time to have the best vision possible. Never miss a moment of the best four years of your life due to poor vision – we are here to help you out of your frames and lenses. Visit Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska, for your vision correction transformation. Give us a call at 402-558-2211 or book your consultation online here

mike stuntz, md

Mike Stuntz, MD is a fellow in refractive surgery at Kugler Vision in Omaha, Nebraska. Under the tutelage of former RSA president Dr. Lance Kugler, he continues to build on a solid refractive surgery experience during his residency at The University of Nebraska Medical Center. His career was sparked during numerous hours of refractive surgery training, observing firsthand the impact on the lives of patients and their often unrestrained joy at the improvement of their vision. He is excited about providing this quality of care to a wide range of patients.

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