Have you been told you cannot have LASIK with astigmatism? It’s time for a second opinion. At Kugler Vision, our mission is for everyone to achieve their best possible vision so they may feel confident and live life with energy and vitality. We are committed to empowering our patients with the best vision medically achievable.

LASIK With Astigmatism

One of the most common myths about LASIK surgery is that it cannot be offered to patients with astigmatism. Although this was true more than 20 years ago when LASIK technology was in its infancy, it is no longer the case. Modern laser systems can treat astigmatism very well. At Kugler Vision, our refractive surgeons are an expert in the analysis and treatment of astigmatism.

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism means that the eye is not perfectly round, like a basketball, but rather is irregularly shaped, like an American football. Astigmatism affects 50 to 75 percent of the general population, and most patients with astigmatism are aware that they have it. However, there are many patients who have subtle forms of astigmatism that cannot be detected without advanced astigmatism analysis.

Watch as Dr. Kugler discusses astigmatism on WOWT Channel 6, MomsEveryday in Omaha:

Astigmatism Analysis Using Vectors

The cornea, or front surface, is the structure of the eye that is most often responsible for astigmatism. Other structures within the eye, such as the posterior surface of the cornea or the crystalline lens, may also contribute to astigmatism.

Laser vision correction like LASIK changes the shape of the front surface of the cornea. Therefore, if astigmatism is confined to the front surface of the cornea, then laser vision correction is very successful in correcting blurry vision.

If the astigmatism is elsewhere in the eye, then laser vision correction may cause poor quality vision long term. Avoiding long-term astigmatism requires special expertise in “vector analysis.” Advanced astigmatism analysis using vectors increases the long-term success of laser vision correction. In fact, Kugler Vision is one of only a few practices in the world actively using vector analysis software for all LASIK patients with astigmatism.