Lance Kugler, MD to be on Reddit IAmA

Submit questions to Lance Kugler, MD of Kugler Vision in Omaha, NE live on Reddit IAma Monday, January 16, 2017 from Noon to 1pm.

There is no better time to ask your questions about vision changes, vision correction, LASIK, and other questions concerning your eye health! Ask him anything, and he will be sure to answer your questions!

What is Reddit? Kugler Vision on Reddit

Reddit is a social news website. “IAmA” stands for “I am a”. In an IAmA post, a person will post what they are or what they do in their career, and other people will ask them about himself/herself. It’s a place to interview people in a new way! Dr. Kugler, the interviewee, will begin the process by starting his very own post, describing who he is and what he does. Then, commenters leave questions and can vote on other question they’d like to be answered. Dr. Kugler will then go through and respond to any questions that he’d like to in whatever way he prefers.

How To Participate

Dr. Kugler will post his thread 30 minutes before his scheduled time at noon. This will allow you to begin submitting your comments at 11:30am, giving the thread time to populate with questions. At noon, Dr. Kugler will start answering the questions– interacting with you in real time and will stop answering at 1pm!

Join Us!

Kugler Vision is excited to connect with you in a new way. If you’d like your questions answered by a LASIK specialist, please join us for our live questions and answers with Dr. Kugler on Reddit IAmaA by looking for Lance Kugler, MD:

“IAma LASIK specialist. I make life better for people by reducing their need for glasses or contact lenses. Ask me anything!”

For more information about IAmA, please visit

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