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From the moment I got there, and throughout the entire process, Dr. Kugler made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. It was really important to me that I met with my surgeon at every visit. I couldn’t think of a better staff to have behind me than the staff at Kugler Vision.

Haley H.

I LOVED my time at Kugler Vision. I’ve never been so impressed with a staff at any establishment, health care or otherwise. They are very kind, remember your name and make you feel at ease. I had Lasik and after 15+ years of glasses I can see my feet in the shower! I walk around amazed by everything… Dr. Kugler and his staff get my highest recommendation. If you are thinking about Lasik you can do no better in Nebraska or any place else.

Alex M.

I checked a couple of different places, but came back to KuglerVision. Your eyes are so precious — I didn’t want to mess around with a place I felt uneasy about. Do your homework–this is a big deal.

Libby D.

Less than six weeks after surgery I shot my highest rifle qualification score since joining the marines. Very happy with the experience and flexibility around my tough schedule.

Joshua A.

I had LASIK surgery yesterday and already seeing amazing! Waking up today and being able to see right away is an awesome feeling! Thank you to Dr. Kugler and all his staff for making this a great experience!

Joe A.

I am day one post op from my LASIK procedure with Dr. Kugler and could not be more thrilled. From the first moment I walked into his office, the staff have been nothing but incredible. From the wonderful ladies at the front desk, to Jolene and all of the staff in the back, everyone treated me like family from the very first day. I was extremely nervous before my procedure, but everyone took their time to make sure I was comfortable and the entire staff did everything they could to put my mind at ease. Dr. Kugler is fantastic, talked me through the whole procedure (which did not take much time at all!) and even called me that evening (a Friday!) to check and see how I was feeling. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kugler, Dr. Myers, Jolene, and the entire staff at Kugler Vision. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone who is tired of glasses! Kugler Vision is top notch. Thank you all for taking such excellent care of me!!!!

Liz C.

Give the gift of sight to yourself–you won’t regret it! It’s worth every penny!

Amy T.

I’m a patient that went undiagnosed for a very long time at other clinics. Due to this my vision deteriorated permanently over time. Dr. Kugler was a saving grace. I feel so very lucky and blessed to have him help me. Thank you Dr. Kugler. A sincere thanks.

Kerry S.

I can’t believe how well I can see! I was really nervous before the procedure, but there was nothing to be nervous about. The staff was so reassuring that they relaxed me. I can’t stop singing the praises of this. I have recommended this to every contact/eyeglass wearer I know! Thank you again!

Melanie A.

LASIK is the best think I have done and couldn’t ask for a better doctor. He is honest and trustworthy. You can trust your eyes in his hands!

Nichole C.

LASIK! Wow! Laser vision correction for me has been the miracle I have always prayed for. When I talked to Dr. Kugler the first time I knew he was the one to do it for me. Now I can see! And it’s permanent! I didn’t just fall asleep with my contacts. It’s for real! This procedure is nothing short of a miracle.

Ruteena R.

Just a quick note to say “Thank you, Dr. Kugler” for making my LASIK procedure such a great experience for me. I have considered LASIK for several years after many, many years of wearing glasses. Although excited at the thought of better vision and no more lost and misplaced glasses, I was also more than a little apprehensive. Thankfully, you and your dedicated and professional staff answered all of my questions and concerns and really put me at ease and I felt very comfortable and confident with the procedure. It was surprisingly quick and pain-free and I’m now enjoying my new 20/15 vision! I cannot thank you enough and I will certainly recommend Kugler Vision to any of my friends and family considering the procedure. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it. It’s truly a life changer! Thanks again.

Tim D.
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